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A digital stampede shakes the Intel lobby.

Savanna is an interactive installation of the Brand Story Wall that can be experienced side-by-side with Kelp Forest at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Visitors can shape a landscape together in the lobby and breathe life into a dry savannah piece by piece.

If the visitor steps closer to the wall, he can dig deep canyons with his hands in the virtual dry ground and open up new paths for the water. Plants and animals then soon follow. On land, oases with trees and steppe grass form, in which antelopes feel very comfortable. River valleys and deeper lakes are a habitat for whole shoals of fish and whales circling.

After a while, a colossal stampede wraps the savannah world in a sandstorm that levels the virtual drawing area for the next visitor, and the wonder of life can start all over again.

As in Kelp Forest, Intel® RealSense® cameras capture the interacting users and allow them to dig with their hands via the depth information. Artificial intelligence guides the stream of the stampede to provide a very natural spectacle in the ever-changing landscape. The AI calculates the path the animals choose and guides them around the freshly dug canyons.

The visitors and employees of the Intel headquarters are thus offered an entertaining short while experience of individually designing the waiting area using Intel technology.

Tools 3ds Max, Intel AI, Intel RealSense, NewTek NDI, Unity3D



CooperationRyan Yoshimoto, Chris Rojas

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