Kelp Forest

Kelp Forest

An underwater spectacle

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Kelp Forest

Tools HTC Vive, Intel RealSense, NewTek NDI, Unity 3D, Unity3D

PeriodJune 2017 - December 2017


CooperationDell GmbH Halle, Interhacktive

Kelp Forest is a virtual underwater spectacle which can be experienced in the lobby of Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Thanks to Intel® RealSense™ technology, visitors can interact with the simulation in a playful way.

The 8m (26 ft) wide “Brand Story Wall” provides a view of an algae forest bustling with life, everchanging. According to the time of day the scene is illuminated differently creating various colorful moods.  On your way into the building you are accompanied by individual, curious Garbaldi fish. And if you stay longer in one place in front of the wall, a whole swarm of fish will gather in front of you. The waiting area is right beneath an additional LED dome, the “Digital Skylight”. While waiting, people can take a look at the dome above them and feel as if they are diving into the open ocean.

Day and night cycle of the life filled ecosystem

Accompanying VR simulation

We also used a VR simulation of the current scene during our work on the project. It gave us and our customer a detailed preview of the experience in the lobby, which at that point of time was still under construction. That way many questions could be answered long before the final installation.

Kelp Forest 360° on YouTube: Brand Story Wall Viewpoint
Kelp Forest 360° on YouTube: Digital Skylight Viewpoint

Thanks to Dell’s great support in Halle, we were able to test and develop the real-time application on our premises using a high-performance PC system.