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Experience a vision of the architectural project in augmented reality.

With the further development of Siemensstadt in Berlin, a forward-looking example of a modern workplace and residential area is to be created with participation of its inhabitants. As part of a campaign with the agency GUD, our augmented reality experience offers a glimpse into the future of the Siemensstadt using the latest web-3D-standards:

Link to previous version with animations and voice-over

As early as at the time of its founding more than a hundred years ago, the principle of Siemensstadt was to combine work and residential quarters. With a redesign of this site, a Smart City is now to be erected, offering both start-ups and residents alike a lively and innovative center in the heart of Berlin.
The decisive factor is that the citizens can help shape the area themselves. A series of leaflets in the city area provide the most important information without causing any digital barriers. With a QR code this set of information can be expanded to include an Augmented Reality experience. In this way we combine traditional media with future-oriented technology.

It was essential for us to ensure that everyone has access to the interactive medium with as few hurdles as possible. Thus the development of a stand-alone app for this campaign was not an option for us. Experience-wise such apps oftentimes fail due to the additional step of installation. We have therefore opted for the latest standard in web-technology, which can be regarded as a pioneer in the distribution of three-dimensional content.
Via the link of the QR code an animated 3D model is displayed in all current browsers – native and without any installation. In addition, mobile devices with ARCore or ARKit support can already transport the vision of the Siemens city into their district via augmented reality.
Siemensstadt is constantly evolving – thanks to competitions and citizens’ initiatives. In line with this process our experience can also change in the future, inviting you to stay and discover it over and over again.

Tools HTML, Unity3D



TeamPaul Kirsten, Marvin Podsendek, Felix Herbst, Elitza Podsendek GmbH

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