Environmental Rally

Environmental Rally

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Environmental Rally

Insights into the green world of Deutsche Bahn – at home and on the road

In the Environmental Rally, anyone interested can now experience Deutsche Bahn’s sustainable measures as virtual miniature worlds on their own mobile device. Together with our partner A.MUSE, we have created an augmented reality project with five lovingly designed scenes at the station of the future Halle (Saale).

With over 150 green measures, Deutsche Bahn is ensuring greater sustainability within the company. However, the typical rail traveler usually does not always have the time or inclination to deal with this multitude. Five topics were therefore selected and reworked as animated miniature worlds as an entertaining experience for people on the move. The scenes are distributed throughout the station of the future Halle and can be started easily and directly with the help of a QR code on posters. 

Our main focus here was to make the introduction to AR as seamless as possible – without installing an additional app or long download times. We thus developed and optimized the worlds for native web AR, which can be integrated on a website. Every visitor can experience the scenes directly in 3D with a laptop or mobile device in the browser. If their device also supports AR via ARKit/ARCore, the scenes can be placed and explored right on the spot. There are many playful details to discover as you walk around the floating miniature worlds and immerse yourself in them by stepping closer. If you run out of time before the next turn, you can return to the themes at any time on the website http://deutschebahn.com/umweltrallye

During production, we have always pushed the technical possibilities of the emerging web standard and improved it through constant exchange with the developers. A multitude of simultaneously flying bees, grazing sheep and moving trains was not previously envisaged in this complexity and is now open to everyone on the move

Behind The Scenes

Tools Adobe Photoshop, Blender 3D, Unity3D

PeriodJuly 2020 - September 2020

ClientDeutsche Bahn

TeamPaul Kirsten, Felix Herbst, Elitza Todorova


LinksUmwelt Rallye auf DB.com A.MUSE

Art direction Christin Marczinzik, Binh Minh Herbst

3D modelling and surfacing Victor Stockert