Writing Ball

Writing Ball

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Writing Ball

The modern museum – past and future hand in hand. It’s a hands-on experience!

Digital reconstruction of a writing ball using restauration sketches as well as the original patent papers. Created in cooperation with the restaurateur of Friedrich Nietsche’s Writing Ball as well as the “International Malling-Hansen Society”.

  • invented in 1867 by the Danish teacher for deaf-mute people Rasmus Malling-Hansen
  • it was the very first commercially sold Typewriter
  • won prices at various world fairs and was thought to be technically flawless
  • unfortunately, it never became the standard.
  • Instead, the American Remington Typewriters (using the QWERTY Layout) asserted themselves on the world market
  • all in all only around 200 Writing Balls were ever sold

Tools 3ds Max, Showcase, Unity3D

Period2010 - 2015

LinksInternational Rasmus Malling-Hansen Society Schreibkugel auf burg-halle.de