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Weaver is a family-friendly multiplayer game for touchscreens. Players simultaneously weave webs around branches and leaves with their cute spiders to catch insects and to collect points. As a modern board game it brings the whole family together at one table.

Weaver reached the final round of the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 as one of five games worldwide.

crowding party game

Weaver offers multitouch support for up to 10 players. It is a game for groups and families to play on a single device. Each player controls a spider and builds a spider's web around leafs, twigs, and other things on the screen to catch approaching insects and to collect points.

realistic weaving

The game was developed using the Unity3D game engine, with much emphasis put on a realistic and simple weaving of the webs. Therefore a verlet integration is used to simulate convincing spider webs.


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Article on CodeProject.com
Intel App Innovation Contest 2013
SIGGRAPH 2014 #84

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