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  • Energy efficiency
  • Production efficiency
  • Asset Utilization
  • Asset Lifecycle costs
  • Plant profitability
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Improved Site Safety
Our Plants of Tomorrow are future-proof, ensuring we meet and exceed our customers’ needs today and in the future. Leading the sector in industry 4.0 and process innovation, we strengthen the efficiency, reliability and availability of our assets to better serve our global customer base, while ensuring profitability and protection of our people.

We maximise operational efficiencies that lead to real savings:
  • We automate production across our assets in real-time, balancing and optimizing against a whole host of outcomes from economic to sustainability
  • We leverage monitoring, predictive and prescriptive tools to continuously improve the utilization and lifecycle of our assets
  • We’re continuously evolving our working environment, from remote operations to robotics, our Plants of Tomorrow are more accessible and safer for all
We unlock new customer value through our next level manufacturing processes:
  • Our flexible manufacturing systems allow us to manufacture engineered products to bespoke specifications, en masse
  • Through our integrated value chain, we maximise the use of alternative raw materials and construction demolition waste to meet our future customers’ needs
We are pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating pioneering solutions that:
  • Optimize operational performance
  • Safeguard our people from high-exposure jobs
  • Equip our sites to remotely supervise and guide local tasks, allowing for safer and faster interventions
  • Enable our sites to access plant data and manage tasks in real-time, multiplying the productivity of our people
Key Benefits:
  • Increased efficiency for production processes
  • Optimized asset utilization and cost of ownership
  • Captured customer value, while preventing overprocessing
  • Improved site safety
  • Empowered, productive workforce
  • Increased Thermal Substitution Rate
  • Geocycle: Alternative Raw Materials and Fuels
  • Alternative/Zero Fossil Fuels
  • Recycling Construction Demolition Waste
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
  • Nature Positive
  • Working in harmony with Communities
  • Water Circularity
Holcim is a leader in circularity. Applying zero-waste principles, our Plants of Tomorrow scale up new innovations that equip us to optimize the use of alternative fuels, alternative raw materials and construction demolition waste, and conserve our water. We protect our communities and nature, and use technology to build bridges with people, and protect and revitalise our natural environment.

Our products are circular because of how they’re made:
  • Our predictive analytics solutions allow us to maximise the recycled content in our cement without affecting performance
  • We’ve upcycled wastes including decarbonated materials (such as mineral sludges) into new clinker substitutes
  • By generating energy from non-recyclable waste, we continuously drive up our Thermal Substitution Rate without impact to our product quality
Our plants are circular because of how they’re run:
  • By recycling and recovering all waste and water, we operate our sites with zero waste
  • We work with our local communities, providing district heating and cooling, or using our mills to grind coffee beans for the local farmers. We’re mutually dependent, by design
  • Where we touch the ground, we don’t just replant; we revitalise whole ecosystems, diversifying with native species to create a sustainable home for our insects and animals
We are pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating pioneering solutions that:
  • Use real-time analysis and automation to capitalise on Alternative fuels incl. Municipal Solid Waste, Refuse-derived fuel (RDF), Biomass
  • Optimize the use of water on site, and recycling it continuously
  • Use advanced sensors to monitor the health of our ecological footprint, ensuring our efforts to regenerate are successful
Key Benefits:
  • Thermal substitution rate increase
  • Increased proportion of alternative raw materials and construction demolition waste
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle water
  • Diversified, thriving natural ecosystem
  • Thriving, mutually-dependent local community
  • Green products
  • Low and No Clinker products
  • New MICs
  • CO2 Free Binders
  • Carbon Capture
  • Green energy
  • Decarbonated Raw Materials
At Holcim, our Plants of Tomorrow create carbon neutral like ECOPlanet for our customers. We achieve carbon neutrality by applying digital and process innovations that electrify and optimize our operations, and are complemented by carbon capture; we’ve evolved in what we make, and how we make it.

Our products are greener because of how they’re made:
  • We’ve optimized processing to reduce the energy we need
  • We leverage activators to create lower carbon cement
  • We capture and reuse the carbon we generate to create new products
Our plants are greener because of how they’re run:
  • By electrifying, we use only green energy
  • When we don’t buy it, we generate green energy (wind and solar power)
  • We’re optimizing our energy use across the site (using it only when and where we need it, and storing it when we don’t)
  • And when we use it, we’re maximising the efficiency (so we use less energy overall)
We are pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating pioneering solutions that:
  • Adjust production parameters in real-time based on predictions
  • Stabilize product quality and minimize fluctuations
  • Minimize clinker factor and reduce CO2 footprint
  • Decrease burn rates
Key benefits:
  • Co2 reduction
  • Energy savings
  • Clinker production process based on separate limestone calcination
  • CO2 captured most efficiently